About Gratefix

What is Gratefix?

Gratefix Fastening Solutions (P) Ltd, manufactures various specialty metal products, with emphasis on grating fixing clips & floor fasteners, industrial handrail & handrail components, specialty fasteners, rigging hardware and flanges.

We specialize in supplying to petrochemical installations, oil refineries, oil rigs, onshore and offshore fabricators and to industries that require precision, high integrity specialty metal components.

Since the inception of our business in 2003, we have established a reputation for quality with fair pricing in the manufacturing and supply of all types of grating fixing clips, industrial handrail stanchion components and specialty fasteners.


We offer an unrivalled service from managing specification and manufacture through to on time delivery. We pride ourselves on offering a complete package and a service you can trust. Gratefix Fastening Solutions Pvt Ltd are leaders in the manufacture and supply of high quality materials and service in the oil, gas and petroleum sectors. We continues to develop and grow our product range to meet the demands of our clientele .

Gratefix™ was set up with a manufacturing facility in Mumbai in 2003, for grating fixing clips and industrial handrail stanchion solid and hollow spheres. Subsequently, we’d added the facility of hot dip centrifugal galvanising which is also known as spin galvanising for the clips as well as for bolts and nuts. With these in house facilities we became successful in offering high quality grating fixing clips at extremely competitive prices. In the years that followed, we tied up with a few major metal grating manufacturing companies in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, other countries in the GCC and Malaysia, for the supply of hot dip galvanised grating clips, stainless steel grating clips and solid forged mild steel spheres for handrail stanchions. We also started manufacturing and supplying hollow industrial stanchions spheres in both, mild and stainless steel.

At Gratefix™, we have a dedicated workforce which works on the metal pressing, which then undergoes a seven tank process during spin galvanising. The galvanising norms in accordance with ASTM A153 are strictly followed, which are applicable to small pressed parts (of thickness up to 3mm) and nuts, bolts and washers. As per the standard, the coating usually ranges between 315-400 g/mˆ2 (45-57 microns) for the small components like the grating clips with thickness not more than 3mm. However, being a quality conscious manufacturer, efforts are taken to continuously try and maintain the coating thickness of these components between 400-490 g/mˆ2 (57-70 microns). For hot dip galvanising bolts and nuts, up to M8, it is normal for the bolts to get hot dip galvanised as usual, but for the nut, after it is hot dip spin galvanised, it undergoes re-tapping up to 0.4mm oversize to accommodate the slight dimensional increase in the bolt threads that is caused as a result of the spin galvanising. As per ASTM guidelines, using a hot dip galvanised bolt in the re-tapped nut will cover the thread area of the nut sufficiently, and give protection from corrosion for the bolted area.