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In Gratefix, each and every employee contributes to achieve our quality goal through continuous effort and training. Every employee plays a role in Continuous Improvement.

We believe that all work must be without defects from the very beginning. The standard of quality can be attained by completing the standardised processes, which assures not only improvement in the quality level, but also effects cost optimisation. Do it right the 1st time all the time and eliminate any need for rework.

It is our mantra that prevention by eliminating the cause of a defect, is more important than to diminish the defect itself as the elimination of a defect is effected by preventive methods rather than curative measures. A variety of test methods are employed and strictly applied to detect and prevent potential defects.

Ensuring the achievement of our quality goals is an important management duty. Quality is a key metric of performance appraisal and thus when we appraise the performance of our employees, particular emphasis is placed on the quality of their work.

Our quality directives are compulsory to everyone in the corporation. Additionally specified requirements by our customers along with their expressed or implied expectations, also become our requirements because for us compliance to customer expectations and not just specifications, are a must.